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Folk - Insight & Brand Consultancy

People. Culture. Creativity.

Enhanced consumer insight.

What we're about

People interacting. Creative.


We're fans of smart tools and techniques - but getting out and meeting people is often where the magic happens. 

Cultural context.


Consumers can't tell you everything. Our enhanced insight uses semiotics, experts and influencers to avoid blind spots.

Creative development.


Our goal is to help brands realise the potential of creative marketing to gain competitive advantage. 

What we do

Enhanced qual

It takes imagination and graft to get beyond the surface. We do what it takes. Groups and depths with a difference; ethnography and films that deliver; smarter online. Everything's bespoke.

Engaging quant

We work with survey software innovators to ensure respondent engagement. But it's the output that matters. We distil the data to unearth the stories and commercial opportunities. 

Culture questing

It can be hard to see the bigger picture. We look beyond individual perspectives, harnessing the views of semioticians, industry experts and digital influencers to unearth opportunities.

Creative international

Much of our work spans multiple countries. Through sensitive moderation, like-minded partners and close supervision, we deliver consistency and rigour to ensure creativity rules throughout. 


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